Soothe My Soul Mala


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Fully hand knotted mala for meditation practice, featuring green moss agate, labradorite, amazonite, citrine, bamboo leaf jasper, and tiger’s eye gemstones with rudraksha, with a neutral tones knotting cord and tassel.

5 – 6mm rudraksha and stones, with a 10mm amazonite guru.

All our malas are hand knotted and, as is traditional, a mantra repeated with every stone and seed, and cleansed with sage before placing in an organic cotton drawstring bag to keep your mala clean when not in use.

This design features these soothing and comforting stones:

Green moss agate – a grounding stone, helping us to connect to the earth. A stone of new beginnings.

Labradorite – a magical stone which strengthens intuition and releases fears and insecurities.

Amazonite – a soothing stone which can help with alleviating worry and fear.

Citrine – an energising and creative stone, which can attract prosperity and enhance intuition.

Bamboo leaf jasper – a calming stone, connecting the heart with the base chakra and the earth element.

Tigers eye – a comforting stone which enhances our sense of security and stability through the lower chakras.

This design also features a small oval charm with a lotus flower at the midway point.



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