Inner Strength Mala


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Fully hand knotted design, featuring a red fire agate guru, red carnelian, mahogany obsidian, black onyx, lepidolite, brown banded agate gemstones and rudraksha with a brown knotting cord and tassel.

8mm rudraksha and stones, with a 10mm red fire agate guru.

All our malas are hand knotted and, as is traditional, a mantra repeated with every stone and seed, and cleansed with sage before placing in an organic cotton drawstring bag to keep your mala clean when not in use.

This design features these calming and grounding stones:

Red fire agate – a calming stone which brings safety and security, whilst inspiring creativity in all its forms

Red carnelian – an energising stone which fosters confidence and a love of life

Mahogany obsidian – a grounding and protective stone which enhances strength and vitality

Black onyx – a vitalising and supportive stone, which gives strength and the ability to persevere in difficult circumstances

Brown banded agate – a soothing and calming stone which improves confidence and concentration

Lepidolite – a calming stone which can soothe emotional stress, stabilise mood swings and overcome insomnia


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