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What is your relationship with chocolate like? Do you find it easy to limit yourself to just one or two pieces? Or do you munch through an entire bar all too easily?! Trying a chocolate meditation could help you to reset and enjoy chocolate more mindfully.

Try this short chocolate meditation

Sit comfortably and relax your body.

When you’re ready, take a small piece of chocolate, noticing its ‘snap’ as you break it, and inhale its aroma. Resist any urge to eat it just yet.

Now really look at the chocolate….take your time….look at its shape, its glossy shine, any little bubbles that are present in the chocolate.

Now – finally! – put a small piece of the chocolate in your mouth, and let it sit on your tongue, slowly melting. Notice its flavour filling your mouth, and how it makes you feel…..

When the chocolate has fully melted, slowly swallow it. Be mindful of any sensations in your body, and any emotions that arise.

Let me know how you found this practice in the comments below,

Alison x