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The rudraksha seeds used in our malas are actually seeds from the fruits of the rudraksha tree or Elaeocarpus ganitrus, an evergreen tree which can grow large, with trunks almost a metre wide.
The seeds may have 1 to 14 faces, with 5 faces and segments being the most commonly available. Each number of faces relates to specific deities. The name rudraksha means tears of Shiva. Each seed is said to contain prana (or life energy) which can be contained by threading each bead correctly during mala creation.
Malas traditionally have 108 seeds – or a combination of seeds and gemstones as in our designs – but they can be shorter as long as they are strung with a multiple of 9 beads. All our designs are full malas with 108 beads, but I am currently working on some half mala designs with 54 beads.
As is traditional, I also recite a mala while threading each and every seed (as well as any gemstones) in all our malas.  
Our rudraksha used in our mala designs are sourced from India, but I have recently found that it is possible to grow rudraksha here in the UK – if you have tried, I’d love to hear your experience!
Alison x